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Four Things Small Businesses Can Take Away from the South Beach Food and Wine Festival

The South Beach Food and Wine was this past weekend. My husband and I attended for fun, not work (Woot Woot!). But since we’re never really “off the clock,” I thought I’d bring back some learnings for you that can easily be applied to your business.

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Overcoming Small Business Isolation – The Life of a Solopreneur

Being a business of one is tough! I used to work in a company with over 1,800 employees. I didn’t even know all the people on my floor. Now I work for myself, by myself. With the exception of my time in networking groups and client meetings, I work alone. The benefits to my productivity are well worth the sacrifice, but it can feel lonely and isolating to work without a team dynamic.

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Branding – Small Businesses Need It Too

From Nike to Coke, products with strong branding have an undeniable and unspoken strength that, when properly executed, can skyrocket sales. So, what is branding exactly? Branding differentiates one product from another in a competitive marketplace. I often lecture about this topic in my college marketing course, because it is such a fundamental part of marketing.

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4 Low-Cost Ways to Use Social Media to Grow Your Business

From Facebook to Pinterest, and everything in between, social media can easily and effectively help you grow your small business. The best part is, you can accomplish this on a limited budget. Use these 4 simple steps to grow your online tribe and drive sales to your website. 

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