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4 Low-Cost Ways to Use Social Media to Grow Your Business

From Facebook to Pinterest, and everything in between, social media can easily and effectively help you grow your small business. The best part is, you can accomplish this on a limited budget. Use these 4 simple steps to grow your online tribe and drive sales to your website.  

1.  Offer Rebates for Likes and Followers

Rebates, sales, and promotions are great ways to increase your likes and followers on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.  For example, offer a discount once you hit certain milestones. Something along the lines of, “Help us reach 500 Facebook Likes, and all customers get 25% off purchases through the end of the month.”

2. Open a Pinterest for Business Account

Pinterest is exploding and it’s an easy way to drive traffic back to your website for FREE. What makes it different? Consumers tend to visit Pinterest when they’re researching items to buy, which means they are already positioned to make a purchasing decision. Pinterest pins are more likely to convert into direct sales!  

3. Share Information that your Customers Care About

Social media isn’t just pictures of food and selfies of people’s vacations. People visit, like, and follow companies and businesses to gather information. For example, if you’re in the fitness business, you can share weight loss tips from appropriate sources such as Women’s Health, or Men’s Fitness. Better yet, share original content by starting a blog! This will add credibility to your business and provide added value for your customers.

4. Use Hootsuite to Manage Posts

Hootsuite is a social media dashboard that lets you manage all your social media efforts in one place. You can schedule posts and view multiple news feeds from one portal.  It’s FREE to sign up, and $10 a month to manage all your social media sites from their platform.   

Comment and let me know you what thought of this week’s Savvy Marketing post. Which tip was your favorite? Are you inspired to try a new approach with your social media efforts? 

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