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5 Reasons Why a Blog Will Grow Your Business

There’s no question that in today’s content craved world, blogs are king. But surprisingly, they’re not new. Blogs have actually been around since the 90s. However, it’s in the past five years that they’ve become an integral part of content marketing strategies, as well as chronicles of personal journeys, hobbies, and collective interests. From fashion and food, to parenting and doll collecting, there’s a blog on virtually anything you can imagine. But how can a blog really help you acquire new clients and customers?

It Creates Content for Your Website

Being on social media and creating a web presence have become necessary parts of any business. But without fresh content on your site, your visitors will swindle. Attracting visitors to your site is a top priority for your website, even if you are not selling products on your site. It helps drive people to your place of business by adding quality content. Let me clarify that you should NOT be trying to, “sell,” your customers with your blog. A blog is meant to be informative and/or entertaining, presenting the writer as an authority on their topic. The goal for your business blog should be to establish trust and help your audience solve a problem as it relates to your products or services.

Google Loves Blogs

This reason alone is worth starting a business blog. I myself have attracted clients through my blog simply by writing about my expertise. You can do the same for your business. Your blog can show up in search engines 24/7. It can work twice as hard at promoting your business as a brick and mortar store, or even your web-based business. Plus, there’s no time limit on the content. For example, if you’re an insurance company, and you wrote a blog post titled, “4 Things to Look for When Buying Car Insurance,” a year ago, but someone is searching for that term right now, your article will likely show up in a search.

You Build Credibility

Blogging allows you to build credibility with your audience. Using my insurance company example above, let’s say you write a blog post titled, “What You Should Know Before You Cancel Your Insurance Policy,” you’ve just provided immense value to your reader, who likely stumbled onto your blog while searching for, “Should I Cancel My Insurance Policy?” See how that works!

It Humanizes Your Business

I covered the importance of humanizing your business here a few months back, and blogging is one of the ways you can accomplish this. A business blog can lend a voice to your business and communicate what you really stand for and how you can best serve your customers. Remember, it’s not all about the money.

You’ll Start Growing an Email List

This is huge. It takes time to build a quality list, but it can become a viable and profitable part of your business. You can start promoting any special events, announce press coverage, or create a newsletter. I’ll cover email marketing for promotion in a future blog post.

These are just a few of the many reasons why starting a blog to grow your business is the right decision. However, a blog won’t grow your client or customer base overnight. It takes time to build credibility online, create content, and grow your email list. But it’s absolutely worth it.

Let’s face it - you already know blogs work. You wouldn’t be reading this if you didn’t.

Have you thought of starting a blog to enhance your sales efforts? Sound off in the comments.