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Overcoming Small Business Isolation – The Life of a Solopreneur

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Being a business of one is tough! I used to work in a company with over 1,800 employees. I didn’t even know all the people on my floor. Now I work for myself, by myself. With the exception of my time in networking groups and client meetings, I work alone. The benefits to my productivity are well worth the sacrifice, but it can feel lonely and isolating to work without a team dynamic.

Here are some quick tips that solopreneurs can implement to reduce isolation and increase productivity:  

Leave Your Office

That’s right – leave your office. This sounds counterproductive, but it is highly effective. I don’t mean that you should stop working, but consider working from a coffee shop, a library, or outdoors, if the weather permits. Changing your work environment promotes creativity, and changes your productivity and perspective.

Network Weekly – At Least

Networking is vitally important to the growth of any small business. Small business owners need to divide the world into three groups: clients, colleagues, and connectors. The best place to meet all three is at networking events. Explore different types of networking events. Some groups meet early in the morning while others meet for lunch or happy hour. Each one will draw a different audience and help bridge the gap that you’re lacking in your daily work environment.

 Adjust Your Workspace

If the location of your home office desk makes you feel less than inspired, consider relocating it. Placing your desk next to natural light will improve your focus and your outlook. The last thing you want is to work in a cramped and dark corner that resembles a cubicle.

Take Breaks

It’s easy to plough right through your daily tasks, without coming up for air. But it is just as important to take a lunch break. Stop working for 30 minutes to eat your lunch! Leave your home office and go out to eat. Meet a friend for lunch. You will come back refreshed with a renewed feeling of productivity.

Chime in with your thoughts. What other tactics do you find reduce isolation and increase productivity? Comment below.