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Celebrate the Privilege of Independence

I never dreamt of starting my own business. Strange, coming from someone who has their own business and blogs about small business. But, it's true. I honestly thought I would always work for someone else. Given the opportunity to do so, I’m grateful that I believed in myself enough to launch a small business.

Today, I have two home-based businesses. I also teach Marketing as an adjunct college professor, something I’d always dreamt of doing but never thought I would actually do. The flexibility that my sole proprietorship offers me is that I can take on new ventures, while spending quality time with my husband and my children. I consider it one of the many privileges of owning a small business. 

This blog is not political, but it is about sharing topics relevant to small business owners. In that spirit, I invite you to reflect on the privilege of being a small business owner. If you’re thinking about starting a business, reflect on the infinite resources that are available to you to pursue your dream. Small business ownership is a privilege that very few can access outside of the United States. Our nation is not perfect, but neither are we.

Sound off in the comments. Are you grateful for the privilege of small business ownership?