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Gratitude is Hard!

Thanksgiving is here – the season of gratitude. We see and hear it in every social media message, we encourage our children to give thanks for what they have, and we give more of ourselves than at any other time during the year.

But in our hearts, we know that sometimes feeling grateful is hard. It shouldn’t be, but it can be - especially when we’re going through tough times.

Here’s why:

We always want more.

Unfortunately, social media shows us a daily filtered lense in which others are experiencing the world. Logically we know it isn’t perfect, we all have our struggles, but it still makes us feel like we’re lacking.

So, it makes us feel less grateful.

It seems silly, but that’s how the human mind works.

Be grateful anyway, because someone else wants more of what you feel isn’t quite enough.

We’re scared what’s great will go away.

When things are going great we worry it won’t last. We imagine its sheer luck, or temporary divine intervention. This simply isn’t true. Life ebbs and flows, and there are moments of joy and moments of sadness. To think otherwise will set you up for disappointment.

Be grateful for the joy – so you can better accept the sorrow.

Embrace gratitude – even if it’s hard.

Because here’s the thing – it multiplies.

As the saying goes, “Giving is receiving.”

And when we’re grateful, others are grateful for us. 

Wishing you a gratitude-filled Thanksgiving!