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3 Ways Solopreneurs Can Get Paid Faster

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Money makes people do weird things. Haven’t you noticed that? It’s rude to talk about having too much or too little. But it’s such a critical part of our daily lives, that we really do need to talk about it more. This is particularly true if you’re a solopreneur, or a small business owner.

In the spirit of money transparency, let’s talk about how you can get paid faster, set up systems, and keep your income steady.

Charge what you’re worth

In the early days of most businesses, my own included, you get so caught up in finding customers and making sales that it becomes more important than getting paid what you’re worth. Once you’re in the groove of things, you start realizing that maybe you’re not charging enough to operate your business and pay yourself a decent income. Make sure you’re taking into account your operational and business expenses when pricing your products and services. And if you’re not charging enough, then it’s time to raise your prices. I know this is scary, but ultimately the clients and customers that want and need your products and services will still be there. I promise.

Ask for payment up front

Best Buy won’t let you walk out of their store without paying for a TV, so you shouldn’t let clients and customers do it either. This is extremely important if you’re in a service-based business where invoicing may happen after the service is completed. Your time is a valuable commodity and no one should have to work for free. At a minimum, you should be charging a percentage of the total cost of your products and services, if you’re not asking for everything up front.

 Find the right tools

I’ve covered the importance of Hootsuite, and other marketing tools. As a solopreneur, you need tools that are affordable and easy-to-use to help you operate your business effectively. Automation will save you time and energy that you need to grow your business. This includes social media, email, and invoicing systems. I can invoice my clients from an app on my phone. This saves me a lot of time and helps me get paid faster. Viewpost is a free invoicing tool with bank level security. It’s a low-cost way of managing invoicing, making it an ideal solution for solopreneurs, freelancers, and small businesses. Click here to learn more about how it works.

No one wants to admit that making money is a concern, but it is. We all want to be paid fairly for the services we offer in a timely manner. And the more you communicate that message to your clients and customers, the more you will reap the financial rewards. 

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the viewpost logo is a registered trademark of viewpost LLC.